понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Pajama Party in my house

   We moved into a new house, and my parents arrange a housewarming in 3 days. And I do not want to fall behind and put up my own  mini housewarming, or rather pajama party, to which 13 girls were invited. We really had a great time, organizing  competitions, gossiping, talking all night long. Watched the  movie X-Men, eating chips. In the morning we got up, had breakfast, and went swimming in the pool. At the afternoon everyone went home.
                                              thanks for all your support.
                                                                                                     With love, your SJ

вторник, 21 августа 2012 г.

at Aknaz's house

После похода в кино с братиком на фильм "Человек паук", я пошла к Айс домой. Там была еще одна подруга Улдана, втроем мы ве:селились, хохотали,сплетничали и посмотрели фильм "ЛОЛ" (который я  смотрела  третий раз) . А также мы снимали видео. И  вот оно обработанное:

Аfter going to the movies with my brother on " Spider man", i went to Aknaz's house. There was also my friend Uldana, together we had fun, laughed, gossiped and watch the film "LOL" (which i watched the third time).
And also we were shooting the video. And here it is ready

Friends meeting

Наконец-то встретилась со своей подругой. За все лето мы почти ни разу не виделись. Я была во Франции, а когда приехала она успела уехать в Турцию. Мы сходили в мегу. Посидели, поболтали, сходили на фильм "Вспомнить все" (не скажу что прям крутой фильм, но посмотреть стоит). В общем мы отлично провели время!

Finally i met my friend. We didn't see each other, for the whole summer. I was in France, and when i came, she managed to go to Turkey. We went to MEGA center. Chatted, walked and went to the movie "Total recall" (i can't say that it is cool film, but it worth to see). In general, we had a great time!

Have a great day :)
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